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Phonics, Reading and Vocabulary (PRV)

Each class up to year 8 has 4 PRV sessions a week, which may be divided up into shorter sessions across a day. In year 9, classes have 2 PRV sessions a week and one in year 10. At Soundwell Academy we have reading areas in our Primary classes. It is our aim to provide an environment where pupils engage in and enjoy reading. Soundwell Academy has adopted the Read, Write Inc. (RWI) phonics and fresh start programme to support pupils develop the phonetic skills in order to be able to decode, as well as a word-aware approach to support the learning of high frequency words. Pupils’ vocabulary is developed with the introduction of 4 new words each week which pupils learn to understand, spell and use in a variety of contexts. To ensure we have a range of current reading materials targeted at pupils individual interests, each class receives a £100 budget in term 1 every year to spend on books and magazines of their choice.