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Qualifications and Flightpaths

Our aim at Soundwell is for pupils to be well-prepared for the next steps in education or employment by the time they leave us. Students access qualifications at Entry Level Certificate, and level 1 or 2 BTECs and GCSEs. In addition to their core subject qualifications, pupils can gain qualifications in their KS4 options subjects, up to a maximum of 6 level 2 qualifications. The level of qualification pupils are entered for is determined by their attainment at the end of year 9 and progress through the KS4 curriculum.

The Prisum Rainbow Grid below shows expected attainment progression for pupils as they move through the academy.

GCSEs have recently changed from A*-U grading to 9-1 grading. Most vocational qualifications are offered at entry level, level 1 or level 2. We appreciate this can be very confusing so have outlined what all the levels mean on the qualifications explainer below. 

In year 9, pupils receive careers guidance and meet 1:1 with the curriculum lead to help them choose their options. The range of options we offer will expand in line with pupils' interests and aspirations as they progress to KS4.