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PSHE is a core subject at Soundwell and incorporates citizenship and careers. In KS2 and years 7&8, pupils receive two lessons a week of PSHE. In year 9, to reflect the greater need for careers guidance and safe community inclusion, this increases to 3 sessions a week. 

Primary classes follow the Kapow curriculum, which is adapted and supplemented with lessons on important days and events in the calendar and lessons and work from the Zones of Regulation framework. From year 7, pupils follow the Cre8tive resources curriculum with additional booster sessions to support students' learning about diversity, bullying, abuse, RSE and community safety. 

Both curricula are built on a spiral thematic model, where pupils build their knowledge and understanding of the same underlying themes, year-on-year. 

Assessment takes place in the form of graffiti learning journals, workbooks, quizzes, confidence checkers, end-of-unit portfolios and 'review the learning' exit tickets. 

Information about our careers programme can be found here.