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ASK - 'Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge Info-Talk

Our students from Years 9 and 10 were provided with the opportunity to attend an info-talk from ASK - ‘Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge’ – an organisation which assists young people in understanding what apprenticeships are. Junior was our guest speaker, and he expertly introduced and explained how apprenticeships could potentially benefit, and ultimately shape, the futures of our students. We learnt that apprenticeships are real jobs, where you can learn, as well as get paid for hands-on experiences. There are 1000s of different apprenticeship roles to choose from, from many differing job sectors, something for everyone... Here is a useful list of reasons why our pupils might soon be choosing an apprenticeship very soon.…


Gain hands-on experience

Since you will be working as part of a team of experienced professionals for the majority of your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to expand your skill set and benefit from hands-on experience. Best of all, you will be able to learn from your colleagues on a daily basis and support your professional development.

Get paid to learn

Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to get paid to learn. That’s right. You will earn a basic salary while you gain invaluable experience and expert knowledge that will set you up for future career success. So, unlike university, you will not be left with a large student loan to pay off over time but, instead, a strong professional skill set and knowledge base, as well as more money in your pocket.

Gain industry-recognised qualifications

During your apprenticeship, you will gain industry-recognised qualifications, which can help validate your skills and knowledge, and help you demonstrate your value to future employers. You can carry these qualifications with you throughout your career, which will improve your future job prospects.

Get a feel for the work environment

An apprenticeship is a great way to bridge the gap between finishing your education and kick-starting your career. For example, an apprenticeship will help you get a feel for a professional work environment and gives you the opportunity to brush up on your transferable skills along the way, such as communication, time management and problem-solving.